Welcome to my site! I am Kristen. I am the “workhorse” behind Little Hooves Photography. My introduction to photography was when I was 15. I was given several high school elective courses to choose from and the one I identified the most with was the Black and White Film Photography course. Fast forward to my twenties and I went through the “I don’t know what I wanna do when I grow up.” stage and decided to pursue photography as my focus at a community college. During that time I entered contests and had the honor of winning first place for some pieces to be displayed at the local museum and featured throughout the school. Photography wasn’t my main career, and I fell out of the art. Several years after college I was recruited to take headshots for a professional haircare company and again my work was chosen for winning in an elite industry contest known as NAHA. I didn't pick up my camera again until the birth of my daughter. I wanted as many beautiful memories as I could capture and was falling back in love with the art. I specialize in Portraiture, Editorial, Product, Events, Equine, and Aerial Photography. You can contact me for pricing and rates, I would love to hear from you!